The Conn-EGG-tion

Advertisement / Illustration

Vital Farms is a pre-existing company that is all about keeping their hens happy, healthy, pasture raised, and as they say “bull sh*t” free. There advertisements use photos and slight illustrations. However, I wanted to take a slightly different approach, by swapping that and using more illustrations and less photos to make it fun and light hearted. 

Hence why I titled the advertisement “The Conn-EGG-tion,” highlighting how hens are allowed to run free in the pasture and connect with nature. This connection enables the hens to form bonds with each other and the earth, allowing them to eat bugs, worms, and other creatures as they would in a natural environment. The name keeps it fun while teaching a lesson

By emphasizing the connection between the hens, nature, and the earth, as well as the superior nutritional content of the eggs, the ad aims to educate consumers and encourage them to choose pasture-raised eggs for their health and ethical considerations. The illustrations demonstration this and small subtitles underneath explaining more.

And for the website, I emulated Vital Farms style while adding my illustrations to keep it familiar to the customers.

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