As a Graphic Design major at Flagler College, class of 2024, I find solace in the outdoors when I’m not immersed in design. Being outside not only provides me with a much-needed break from work but also allows me to reconnect with the earth and draw inspiration from its beauty. This connection with nature is reflected in my design approach, as I aim to incorporate the natural elements around us into my work, letting the design process flow organically.

Growing up near the beach has deeply influenced my love for the outdoors. It’s where I feel most at home and where I often find clarity and inspiration. So, if you ever find me feeling a bit foggy, you can bet I’ll be out running among the trees, letting nature clear my mind and fuel my creativity.

Reflecting on the photo of hike in Cutler Coast, Maine (the photo above), continues to inspire boundless creativity within me. Something as simple as observing the formations of the clouds sparks my imagination and often serves as a catalyst for generating ideas for my next client project.