Logo Design

The task for this project was to rebrand “The Local Refillery ,” a cafe and bulk shop, with a focus on promoting sustainability and eco-conscious practices in a subtle manner. The objective was to create a new identity that resonated with a diverse audience while also raising awareness about the benefits of sustainable living. 

To achieve this, I chose to rename the cafe to “The Refillery Cafe” and redesigned the logo to have a more vibrant and fun look. The new logo featured a bubbly typeface to draw attention and convey a sense of inclusivity. For the menu, I opted for an illustrated design to showcase the cafe’s offerings in a visually appealing way. By illustrating the drinks in mugs and mason jars, I aimed to promote the use of reusable cups and highlight the cafe’s commitment to sustainability. 

The rebranding of The Refillery Cafe successfully conveyed its commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. The new logo and menu design appealed to a broad demographic and helped educate customers about the benefits of sustainable living. The illustrated menu, in particular, made the cafe’s offerings more engaging and encouraged customers to make environmentally friendly choices. Overall, the rebranding efforts helped position The Refillery Cafe as a sustainable and welcoming destination for all.