Raw: The Cookbook


I was tasked with creating a type layout book, and I chose to create a cookbook featuring my own recipes, recipes from inspirational cooks, and tips on how college students or any can customize their own recipes. The challenge was to design the layout to accommodate varying ingredients and instructions for each recipe while maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing look. 

To address this challenge, I began by organizing the recipes into categories and creating a consistent layout structure for each category. I experimented with different typography styles and page layouts to ensure that each recipe was easy to read and follow. I also included tips on how to modify recipes to suit individual taste preferences, adding a personal touch to the cookbook.The result of this project was a visually stunning cookbook that not only showcases my love for cooking but also pays homage to those who inspired me. 

The layout effectively balances uniformity and functionality, making it easy for readers to navigate through the recipes. The cookbook has received positive feedback from friends and peers, with many expressing interest in purchasing a copy. Overall, this project allowed me to combine my passion for cooking with my design skills, resulting in a product that I am proud of and continue to use regularly.