Package Design

Product Design



For my package design project, it led me to product design as well. I created Hydrosprouts, a company that embraces zero- waste principles. The challenge was to design packaging that not only looked visually appealing but also contributed to a sustainable, eco-friendly product experience. I designed the packaging to be a slide-out box, with a tab that you will take off, made of biodegradable cheesecloth that is used to drain the sprout water. Inside the box, customers receive a pansy seed packet, and they plant both the box and the seeds together. The box naturally decomposes within 2 to 3 weeks, leaving behind flourishing edible pansy flowers.

This concept serves as a reminder of the impact our actions have on the environment. I also focused on using paper in a more sustainable way, as paper biodegradation in landfills produces harmful methane gas. By using paper-based products as mulch sheets in garden areas, Hydrosprouts helps suppress weeds, retain moisture, regulate ground temperature, and reduce reliance on chemical pesticides. The ink used for printing is soy-based, ensuring no harmful chemicals enter the ground. While the ribbon serves as a removable cheesecloth that the the product will be used to drain and grow the sprouts, and after the use you will be able to plant the cheesecloth in the soil with its’ biodeograble properties.

This photo displays 3 to 4 day process Hydrosprouts takes you through for growing sprouts on the stand made out of 100% compostable materials. Displayed over the jar is the cheesecloth that will drain the water that the ribbon was made out of.

The result of this project is a sustainable and visually appealing product experience that aligns with Hydrosprouts’ mission of benefiting the earth. The packaging not only serves as a vessel for the product but also as a functional and environmentally friendly component of the planting process. By encouraging customers to plant the packaging along with the seeds, Hydrosprouts promotes a deeper understanding of sustainability and its importance in everyday actions.