The Moka Spot

Branding / Illustration

The Moka Spot is a false theorized company I created focusing on selling coffee made solely from Moka Pot brewed coffees. The challenge was to design a specialty cafe highlighting the Moka Pot, an invention from 1933 that is still in use today.

I decided to create a series of three billboards for commuter drivers, aiming to capture their attention and entice them to take an exit and grab a quick espresso. 

I chose to use Moka Spot’s accent color so it will be bright and recognizable. Also, the design elements on each billboard to create a cohesive series that drivers would recognize and be captivated by as they drove. 

The billboards successfully captured the nostalgia of the 60s and 70s coffee culture while effectively promoting The Moka Spot and its unique offering of Moka Pot brewed coffees. The bold text and bright backgrounds ensured that the billboards were eye-catching without being too distracting for drivers.