SOUR: Artisanal Sourdough

Package Design / Photography / Branding / Illustration

SOUR is an existing company started by me in 2020. A company dedicated to crafting exceptional sourdough products. As part of my Honors Program, I undertook a case study to develop a packaging design that would reflect the essence of our brand.

Inspired by the simplicity of our sourdough recipe, which comprises just four pure ingredients, I opted for a minimalist color palette. This choice not only highlights the natural, additive-free nature of our products but also resonates with modern design sensibilities, enhancing their visual appeal.

The use of bold typography in our packaging serves a dual purpose. It not only grabs the customer’s attention but also conveys a sense of boldness and quality synonymous with our brand. Additionally, the hand-drawn illustration adds a personal, handmade touch, fostering a deeper connection with our customers by showcasing the artisanal craftsmanship behind each product. It reinforces our commitment to handcrafting our products daily, including our sourdough starter, which is meticulously cultivated and fed every day.

Furthermore, the product photography, captured by me, plays a crucial role in visually representing our brand on our website. By showcasing the deliciousness of our artisan sourdough, we aim to create a strong emotional connection with our customers, making them more familiar with our products and increasing their desire to purchase.